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live in a private bungalow amongst elephants

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Escape the Ordinary with Bespoke Private Tours and Ethical Elephant Experiences

Satisfy your wanderlust and give back with an eco-friendly adventure trek. We offer custom private hikes for beginners as well as over night treks deep in the jungle hunting hidden waterfalls, take a leisurely ride on a bamboo raft to meet a family of elephants. Walk with the elephants through their forest habitat in the or bathe and play with them in the river. Day trips allow you to experience the best of Northern Thailand’s landscapes and incredible wildlife.

Live with Elephants in Our Beautiful Jungle Bungalows
Enjoy the luxury of  unspoilt nature, relax and melt the stresses away with a Thai massage in your private bungalow. The common area features a restaurant  and bar, and even free WiFi so you can spend the day enjoying the wonders of the jungle, and still stay connected.

Travel and Give back

Capture your experence
Travel portraits can capture the magic of your once-in-a-lifetime experience forever!

Forget instagram selfies—Book a photoshoot with one of our incredible elephants or explore the stunning scenery of Chiang Mai’s rice fields, jungle waterfalls, ancient temples, and colorful local markets with a professional photographer.

Jungle Weddings
Celebrate Love for Your Honeymoon, Vow Renewal, or Jungle Wedding

An elephant ceremony is a unique way to celebrate love, marriage, vow renewal, or to crown your honeymoon with a memorable day. The local waterfalls and the surrounding mountains makes this a dream location for nature lovers. Your ceremony can be simple, spiritual, or playful, with colorful dancers, music, and fireworks.

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