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In the foothills of the Himalayas, homeland of the Pga k’ nyau indigenous people, is the Chai lai Orchid. Surrounded by dramatic jungle landscapes and breathtaking green rice fields. Guests can enjoy swimming with elephants and trekking to waterfalls and hidden jungle temples at this thrilling adventure haven. Or simply enjoy the luxury of unspoilt nature, relax and melt the stresses away with a Thai massage in your private bungalow. 
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Chai Lai Orchid offers private treks specifically tailored around your particular interests and personal fitness levels.

Explore the fascinating cultural heritage of the local Pga k’ nyau people and learn about their sustainable way of life. Hike to multiple waterfalls in the jungle. Visit a weaver and watch her time-honoured traditional skill as she works with the loom. Guests can learn to forage for medicinal herbs, edible plants and cook in bamboo. Treks and hikes are hosted by expert and engaging guides indigenous guides.


From our locally sourced food to hiring an all indigenous team Chai Lai Orchid is committed to making positive contributions to the pristine natural areas travellers love to visit and which are in danger of being loved to death.  100% of proceeds are donated back into the community through Daughters Rising, an anti-trafficking organization that helps at-risk women and girls.

Protecting asian elephants

Over the last 8 years, Chai Lai Orchid has cared for, fed, rescued Asian elephants from abusive practices. At Chai Lai Orchid baby elephants get to stay with their mothers’ and just be elephants. Guests can help care for elephants, observe them in nature and swim with them in the river. Most importantly guests can learn how to save the elephants and their home, the forest.

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