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swim with elephants

Saving Elephants during Covid 19

Since the onset of the pandemic elephants have been kicked out of camps and deprived of proper care.

The elephant vets are seeing an increased number of elephant deaths and emergencies caused by gastrointestinal issues. As tourism continues to be largely shut down in Thailand, international travel is severely restricted and interprovincial travel for Thai nationals is forbidden. Chai Lai Orchid was forced to close again this past month. Though our business revenue has temporarily ceased, our passionate care for our elephants has not. We hope restrictions will ease up soon, but until then we are in desperate need of help paying for the food and care for our rescued elephants.

baby elephant

Elephant Poo Poo Situation

Last month we averted a health crisis with our beloved elephant Seavoy!

As an elderly elephant she began having digestive issues as she is no longer able to properly chew her food. Seeing that she was in grave distress, we immediately called the vet. After 2 days of tireless care, he and his team were finally able remove a 20lb compacted mass. It was a messy job, but she was more than grateful for the help! We have since bought her a mulching machine and generator so we can prepare elephant food for her. Thank you to Thai Elephant Alliance and Center of Elephant and Wildlife Research CMU. YOU GUYS ARE REAL HEROS <3

stay Safe, We love you