Ayumi’s Care for Elephants

Ayumi, 10 Years Old

Ayumi and her parents came to live in the jungle for a week and absolutely fell in love with the elephants. She helped the guys everyday to care and feed DeeDee and basically became a mini mahout by the end of her stay. And after leaving she didn’t just go back to her normal life because her holiday was finished, she remained dedicated to helping the elephants here.  Back home she devised ways to have her own fundraisers and donate the money to help save DeeDee and her friends. Ayumi thank you for being so amazing!

What Do You Like About Elephants?

Elephants are beautiful, gentle creatures and care for their herd.

What Made You Want To Help Deedee?

I feel sorry for the elephants that have to serve the tourist daily with metal chairs. They even have blisters around their tail caused by the ropes.

What Made You Such A Successful Fundraiser?

I determined that I can save $1000 Singapore Dollars the moment I left Chai Lai. The fund came from my daily school pocket money, from cash gifts from family and friends and I also did a foot spa for my entire family charging $15 for half an hour. My family is my biggest supporter.

Describing The First Time You Saw Elephants In Person?

I was speechless at first. As I walked towards the bridge, I felt like there’s something about this place that I want to know and explore more. I’m absolutely in paradise after that.

Who Is A Person Who Inspires You?

My grandma, Rasinah. She uses her savings to feed the stray cats around the neighborhood since the ’90s. She even brought them to the vet when they are sick.

Will You Come Back To See Deedee Again?

Of course! First of all, the place is rustic, surrounded by warm, nice people and beautiful majestic elephants. And who doesn’t want to come home to Deedee and Uncle Mook? They are living their life full of fun and laughter.

What Would You Like People To Know About You?

I want people to know that I love animals and wish to be the voice for them. I also want people to know that I’m fun-loving and great to hang out with.

What Is The Dream For Your Future?

I want to be rich so that I can buy land for the unfortunate animals and I also want to meet Jacob Sartorious, my favourite Youtube artist.

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