Chiang Mai City

map of chiang mai city

Each area has its own charm and appeal, so the best place to stay depends on your preferences, budget, and the purpose of your visit. Chiang Mai offers a variety of areas to stay in, each with its own unique vibe and attractions. Here are some of the main areas:

  1. Old City: This is the historic center of Chiang Mai, surrounded by ancient walls and moats. It’s packed with temples, markets, and guesthouses. It’s a great choice if you want to be in walking distance to cultural sites and bustling street life.

  2. Nimmanhaemin (Nimman): Known as the trendy and upscale area of Chiang Mai, Nimman is filled with stylish cafes, boutique shops, and art galleries. It’s popular among expats and digital nomads for its modern amenities and vibrant atmosphere.

  3. Riverside: Along the Ping River, this area offers a more tranquil atmosphere compared to the city center. You’ll find luxury hotels, riverside restaurants, and scenic views. It’s a good option if you prefer a quieter environment with easy access to nature.

  4. Night Bazaar: Located east of the Old City, the Night Bazaar area is famous for its bustling night market offering everything from handicrafts to street food. It’s a lively area with plenty of shopping and entertainment options.

  5. Chang Phueak: Situated north of the Old City, this area is popular among long-term visitors and expats. It offers a mix of residential neighborhoods, local markets, and western amenities. It’s a bit quieter compared to the city center but still well-connected.

  6. Hai Ya: South of the Old City, Hai Ya is a blend of traditional Thai neighborhoods and modern developments. It’s less touristy compared to other areas, offering a more authentic local experience. You’ll find a range of accommodation options here.