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Note: We love ecosalon’s travel resolutions, especially #3 and #4!

Travel New Year’s Resolution #1: Leave Your Comfort Zone

I’ve always been curious about travel to Asia, but always changed course when it finally came time to plan a trip. Three key excuses—the language barrier, the long flights, and the costs—deterred me in the past, but not so for 2021: I’m hoping to have a grand Asia adventure this year, and am taking old friends along for the ride as well. I’m excited and fully expect an exhilarating, eye-opening experience. So where’s your destination that’s always been just out of reach? What could you do there this year, if you didn’t let your sense of comfort and familiarity dictate your choices? Plan a trip to wherever the heart-pumping, I-hope-to-go-there-someday destination is for you. It’s a new year, a fresh start: Now really is the time.

Travel New Year’s Resolution #2: Make—And Stick To—A Realistic Budget

Of course, even with a lofty travel resolution, there are the very real issues of expenses. That’s why the new year is a perfect time to start budgeting. Determine the cost of your trip well before your departure—everything from transportation to in-country daily expenses—and start prepping now so you don’t have sticker shock later. Research flights,hotels, and other travel costs in advance. For spending money once you’re on vacation, take the long view approach, too: Months beforehand, set aside a portion of your paycheck, enroll in a vacation club savings plan at your local bank, compile all your loose change and your $1 or $5 bills each week—whatever it takes to make your travel goal happen.

Travel New Year’s Resolution #3: Commit To Unplugging While Away

Remember that stat about Americans not using their vacation time? Well, in another depressing statistic, a Trip Advisor survey showed that when we do take trips, 77 percent of us still check in with the office. This stems from the “work martyr complex”, according to the U.S. Travel Association, and can contribute to excess burnout and guilt – exactly the opposite of the benefits one gets from getting away from work on vacation (rest, relaxation, and recharging in a stress-free environment). So when you’re planning your 2021  trips, resolve to really get away – no checking work email, no texting with your colleagues during your time off. If you’re concerned this may be frowned upon, start communications with your supervisors and colleagues early and reinforce that you will not be available during your vacation time. 

Travel Resolution #4: Support The Local Economy Wherever You Go

A great benefit of travel is seeing what’s local all around the world. Whether you choose small inns and pensiones, mom-and-pop restaurants, handmade goods from local markets, and/or local tour guides, your tourism dollars go toward directly supporting the economy of the region you’re visiting. You’ll also learn a lot about local customs, traditions, and culture, too. So resolve to go local on your 2015 travels and see how much your horizons expand—and how far your dollars truly can go.

Travel Resolution #5: Choose The Right Travel Companions

As I’ve discussed earlier, nothing kills a trip quicker than realizing you and your travel companions have completely different expectations for your overall vacation. By choosing the right group of people to accompany you—those aligned with you in temperament, interests, and budget—and communicating with them clearly and often, you’ll avoid any misunderstandings and ensure everyone makes the most of their precious vacation time. Resolve to find your best travel companions to join you on your 2015 travel adventures, then hit the road or take to the skies!

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