Elephant Photoshoot

Document your traveling in impeccable style

Elephant Photoshoot

Forget Selfies.
The latest travel accessory is a professional photographer.

Hiring a photographer to take professional shots used to be only for engagements and weddings. But now social norms have shifted and you don’t have to get married just to have great photos of yourself. Hiring a photographer during vacation is a great souvenir, and it won’t weigh down your bags or clutter your living space!


Preserve some of the most beautiful moments of your vacation forever. Also, it’s affordable! In Southeast Asia you can hire one of the best photographers for a fraction of the price that you would pay back home – a photographer here will give you an entire day of shooting for the price you would pay per hour back home.

travel blogger walks with an elephant
elephant picnic in mae wang


Even when you are traveling, you can find a photographer who fits your personal style. We offer shoots with some of Chiang Mai’s best photographers. It’s up to you if you want hair, makeup, and studio lighting or natural candid shots documenting your day. You can keep it simple with a single look, or choose multiple locations and outfits.


In the age of social media, most of us love to document the high points of our lives to share with our friends. But while traveling and trying to capture every amazing landmark with your gopro and your DSLR you can actually lose those vital moments. With travel photo shoots you be fully present to experience hanging out with elephants and leave it up to a professional to get some great captures.

Last minute bookings can sometimes be accommodated, but these are some of the best photographers in Chiang Mai, so it is advisable to book well in advance!

Meet Our Photographers

travel blogger with an elephant in the bamboo

James offers photo and video. Prices start at 7,500THB

elephant morning call

Toon offers photo and video. Prices start at 6,000THB

elephant riding

Mint’s photo prices start at 7,500THB

Chai Lai Orchid elephant sanctuary

Natthakitt’s photo prices start at 7,500THB

Collecting incredible experiences is the best gift we can give ourselves. Having these photos to look back on will be the icing on the cake.

Jessica P, Chai Lai Guest

The Chai Lai changed everything in my life. Before, I didn’t think that a woman could take care of herself and her children. Now, I am strong, and I have hope for my future.