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Everywhere you go in Thailand you see symbols of majestic Asian Elephants. Their revered imagery adorns everything from Buddhist temples to the royal navy flags, so an elephant wedding ceremony is the quintessential Thailand wedding.

大象婚礼是庆祝你们的爱情、结婚、誓言续约或在特殊的日子加冕蜜月的独特方式。贯穿Chai Lai Orchid的美丽河流以及周围的山脉使这里成为大自然爱好者的理想之地。您的婚礼可以是简单但富有情感,或充满趣味、配有多姿多彩的舞者、音乐和烟花。

An elephant ceremony is a unique way to celebrate your love, for marriages, renewing your vows or crowning your honeymoon with a special day. The beautiful river that runs through the Chai Lai Orchid and the surrounding mountains makes this a dream location for nature lovers. Your ceremony can be simple and spiritual, or playful, with colorful dancers, music, and fireworks. 

量身定制的Chai Lai婚礼:我们可以量身定制婚礼以体现你们的个人信仰,也可以在现场举办小型招待会(最多30位客人)。

Chai Lai weddings are entirely custom made: we can tailor the celebration to reflect your personal spiritual beliefs, and we can also host small receptions on site (up to 30 guests).*


建议行程 suggested Itinerary


13:00 – 从您在市区入住的酒店上车,驱车前往位于泰国北部山区的Chai Lai Orchid,一小时车程。

13:00 – Pick up from your hotel in the city and drive to Chai Lai Orchid, one hour into the mountains of Northern Thailand

14:00 – 与大象见面。在象夫的帮助下了解大象、给大象洗澡,并喂养大象。

14:00 – Meet the elephants. With the help of a mahout, get to know the elephants, bathing and feeding them.


After getting to know our elephants, we recommend spending this day relaxing and enjoying our beautiful jungle home. Go for a romantic walk in the jungle, take a dip in the river, or enjoy the elephant happy hour in our cafe. 


08:00 –情侣美味早餐

08:00 – Delicious breakfast for two

09:00 –在自己的房间内享受泰式按摩

09:00 – Thai massage in the comfort of your own room

11:00 –发型和化妆

11:00 – Hair and makeup


Traditional Thai food

13:00 –前往当地的寺庙,僧侣将在这里等你们

13:00 – Head to the local temple where the monks will be waiting for you

13:30 –佛教祝福和颂德,然后在你们选择的迷人自然环境中进行实景拍摄。许多夫妻会选择附近的瀑布。

13:30 – Buddhist blessing and merit making, followed by a location photoshoot in a stunning natural environment of your choice. Many couples choose to go to a nearby waterfall.

15:30 –返回Chai Lai Orchid,并在我们的河边咖啡厅享用清凉的鸡尾酒

15:30 – Return to Chai Lai Orchid and enjoy a refreshing cocktail in our riverside cafe

16:00 –经过一段时间的放松,如果你们愿意,也可以更换衣装,您的摄影师将与我们的大象Seavoy安排一场史诗般的婚礼合影。

16:00 – After some time to relax and, and if you wish, change, your photographer will arrange an epic wedding photoshoot with our elephant Seavoy

18:00 –搭配普罗赛克,一起享用浪漫的烛光晚餐,情侣晚餐,还可以选择蛋糕或泰式甜点

18:00 – Romantic candlelit dinner for two with Prosecco and topped off with your choice of cake or Thai desserts

20:00 –黄昏时,向空中释放孔明灯,祝新婚快乐、健康。

20:00 – At dusk, make a wish for health and happiness in your new union by releasing a lantern into the sky. 


08:00 –在我们的河边咖啡厅享用美味早餐

08:00 – Delicious breakfast in our riverside cafe

09:00 –前往美丽的导游丛林徒步旅行。远足的时间和难度可以根据你们的能力进行调整,请提前告知我们! 平均而言,我们的客人更喜欢在茂密的丛林地带徒步2-3小时。一路上,你们将看到各类各样的动植物,你们的导游还将与你们分享他们的专业丛林知识。

09:00 – Head off for a beautiful guided trek through the jungle. The length and difficulty of the hike can be adjusted to fit your ability, just let us know! On average our guests prefer to hike 2-3 hours through lush jungle terrain. Along the way you will see a wide variety of animals and plants, and your guide will share their expert jungle knowledge.


Cool off in the lazy Mae Wang River on a traditional bamboo raft ride. Depending on the seasonal height of the river, rides can be from 40 min to 1 hour in duration. While most areas of the river are very shallow, lifejackets are available upon request. 

16:00 –你们的车将等着带你们返回清迈。

16:00 – Your transportation will be waiting for you to return to Chiang Mai.

包含 Included
  • 一日大象体验
  • 浪漫的平房住宿
  • 专业摄影
  • 往返圣殿的交通工具
  • 情侣野餐午餐
  • 结婚蛋糕
  • 一瓶普罗塞克
  • 情侣烛光晚餐
  • 佛教祝福仪式
  • 鱼或鸟放生
  • 拿去拜佛的东西
  • 3位僧侣的奉献物
  • 插花
  • 新娘花束
  • 释放孔明灯
不包含 Not Included
  • 啤酒、其他饮料和小吃
  • 导游或象夫的小费(随意)
  • 清迈以外地区接送服务的超额运输费
  • 7%增值税
行李准备清单 The Packing List
  • 婚礼礼服
  • 舒适的运动服
  • 毛巾
  • 游泳衣
  • 徒步鞋或凉鞋
  • 更换的衣服
  • 可重复使用的水瓶
  • 驱虫剂
  • 防晒霜
  • 现金

*请注意:我们强烈建议你们在Chai Lai Orchid婚礼之前或之后在你们的居住国注册并领取结婚证。 我们无法为你们安排正式的法律婚姻事宜,在你们举行婚礼期间,任何仪式均不具有法律约束力。

*Please note: we strongly recommend that you register your marriage in your home country before or after your wedding at the Chai Lai Orchid. We are unable to arrange the official, legal aspects of your marriage, and any ceremony held during your wedding here will not be legally binding.


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