当您预订我们的体验时,即意味着您在支持人权并帮助我们营救大象 When You Book an Experience with Us, You Support Human Rights and Help Rescue Elephants


我们致力于赋予妇女打击人口贩运的力量 We Work to Empower Women to Combat Human Trafficking


Human trafficking happens everywhere, but it doesn’t victimize communities indiscriminately. Indigenous women and girls around the world experience the highest rates of physical violence, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation. As a result, they are more likely to inflict self-harm or attempt suicide. The marginalization of indigenous populations is due in large to the legacy of colonization, which persists in the forms of racial discrimination, and poverty, and lack of rights. These are the factors with allow trafficking to thrive.

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泰国人口贩运现况 The Circumstances of Trafficking in Thailand


The civil war in the jungles of Burma has forced ethnic minorities such as the Karen and Shan to flee to Thailand to escape ethnic cleansing. Decades of conflict have left Burma one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. In Thailand, many Burmese migrants and Hill Tribe people are considered illegal and excluded from education, health care, and employment. UNESCO has identified this “lack of citizenship” as a significant risk factor to be trafficked or, otherwise, exploited. Burmese and Hill Tribe women are the most trafficked population in Thailand.

泰国剥削的常见原因 The Common Causes of Exploitation in Thailand

贩运者用来诱使年轻妇女离开家庭的最常见技巧之一就是利用就业机会来欺骗她们。因为贫困,在大酒店当女工,每天挣几美元的想法是一种不可抗拒的诱惑。  许多人离开了村庄或难民营,后来才发现自己被贩运者欺骗了,她们被绑架,或受到威胁,如果试图逃跑或反击,她们将会受到伤害或被杀。受害者被从妓院中营救出来的故事,一次有一次地讲述着。这些妇女们看到了旅游业的发展并重新定义了成功,她们大声疾呼要从事酒店工作。

One of the most common tricks that traffickers use to lure young women away from their families is to trick them with the opportunity of employment. With widespread poverty, the idea of being a maid in a big hotel, earning a few dollars a day, is an irresistible temptation. Many leave their villages or refugee camps only to find themselves in the clutches of traffickers and held against their will or told that their family members will be hurt or killed if they try to escape or fight back. It’s an all too common story told time and time again by victims rescued from brothels. These women clamor for urban jobs in hospitality because they’ve seen how tourism has grown and redefined success.

Three migrant women working in a rice field
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人口贩运:一个日益严重的世界问题 Trafficking: A Growing Problem Around the World

由于世界各地贫困状况十分严重,不乏为人口贩运提供了受害者或帮凶。1809年,在跨大西洋奴隶贸易的高峰时期,奴隶的平均价格为40,000美元(根据通货膨胀调整),而现今只需90美元。 由于生命成本如此之低,女孩儿通常被视为可支配资产。性交易是目前增长最快的犯罪行业之一,就利润而言仅次于毒品走私。但是,与贩卖AK47或一袋海洛因不同,贩运者可多次利用同一女孩儿生成可观的利润。

With widespread poverty across the world, there is no shortage of victims or accomplices to feed the human trafficking enterprise. In 1809, at the height of the transatlantic slave trade, the average price of a slave was 40,000 USD (adjusted for inflation). Today it is only 90 USD. With the cost of human life so low, girls are often considered disposable assets. Sex trafficking is now one of the fastest-growing criminal industries, second only to drug smuggling in terms of profits. However, unlike selling an AK47 or a bag of heroin, traffickers generate huge profits by selling a girl hundreds of times.


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Chai Lai Orchid是一家小型基层社会企业,但我们是一个大家庭的一分子。 了解幕后英雄的更多信息。

Chai Lai Orchid is a small grassroots social enterprise, but we are part of a larger family. Learn more about the magnificent people working behind the scenes.

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您的贡献可改变生活 Your contributions help to make a life-changing difference



骑大象是最受欢迎的旅游活动之一。象夫是与大象一起工作、骑行并照料它们的人。  阅读Jade Kelly博士的文章,了解更多有关大象看护者及其历史意义的信息。

One of the most popular activities for tourists traveling in Thailand is elephant riding. A Mahout is a person who works with, rides, and tends an elephant. Learn more about elephant caretakers and their historical significance by reading this address from Dr. Jade Kelly.

A mahout bonding with an elephant

Chai Lai改变了我一生的一切。 以前,我从未想到女人也能照顾自己和孩子。 现在,我很坚强,我对我的未来充满希望。

— Nukul, Chai Lai Orchid Training Program Graduate

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