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All Inclusive Tours

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one one one elephant time

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with elephants while supporting their conservation.

happy guest with a baby elephant

A 1/2 elephant experience meeting, playing with, and caring for elephants.

private trek

Get off the beaten path with an authentic mountain homestay and elephant care-taking experience.

naga stairs

Discover a magical temple hidden in the lush jungle. This ancient wonder is largely undiscovered by tourists.

hiking in mae wang

Escape into the wilderness and refresh your spirit. Explore the jungle and immerse yourself in Karen Hill Tribe culture.

Add On Adventures

Choose A-La-Carte Activities to Curate Your Dream Vacation

a guest walking with elephants

Hire one of Chiang Mai’s best photographers to take professional shots for your special occasion.

Thai grilled chicken

Escape from the bustling city to learn how to prepare Thai foods while enjoying the relaxing non-touristy countryside.

10 Tips for Planning Your Ultimate Jungle Adventure

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