Chiang Mai's best kept secret

Taste the secret recipes passed down from 10,000 Grandmothers 

Go where locals go and satisfy your cravings for authentic food and culture along the way.  Discover a ting shop beloved by Anthony Bordain the vibrant farm to table food scene of the countryside. Mae Wang district is a unique blend of Thai and Lanna culture surrounded by farmland and rice paddies. Savour traditional dishes, enjoy delicious street food, and then discover the hidden gems like and favourite haunts of the locals.

Together with a local host, you will discover the food culture of Northern Thailand. You will enjoy 6 delicious tastings that range from mango sticky rice, Laab, and Khao Soi and many more on a tasty food tour in Mae Wang.

  • Tour of the farmers market and enjoy unique seasonal snacks  & refreshing drinks
  • Grilled Chicken laab by grandma Pa Tay at her home/ shop on the river
  • Raw Laab and moonshine
  • The best slow cooked Kaw soi with crispy egg noodles
  •  Braished pork with half spiced corned eggs, small pieces of pickled mustard greens and blanched chinese broccoli *featured on Parts Unkown
  •  10 THB Chicken bones
  • Sweet rice dessert


Eat like a local

Private tours start at 1500 thb and include all courses, guide, and transportation to and from Chai lai Orchid.  This is a Chai Lai custom tour. You can also combine this with another activity like rice farming if you want to experience more of the local life.