Discover Elephants and Kayan Culture

Connect With Elephants While Supporting Their Conservation​

1/2 day Trip 3000 THB per person

Lean to Care for Elephants Care + Visit a Kayan Village + Thai Lunch 11:00-17:00

Elephants and Kayan Village- 1/2 Day Trip

 This trip combines our guest’s favourite activities into an unforgettable 1 day adventure. You will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond with elephants and visit a Kayan village where ancient traditions thrive.

Kayan women have fought against the odds to preserve their cultural heritage and unique style in the modern world. The sustainable indigenous village survives through traditional farming and foraging practices. Women use back loons to weave gorgeous textiles without any electricity or modern machinery. 

Part of the day is spent caring for elephants, learning to communicate with them and swimming with them in the Mae Wang river. You will learn the elephant’s unique personalities and how to recognise them. Take a hike to walk with elephants as they forage in their beautiful natural environment. Then take in beautiful landscapes of sun-soaked rice fields and lush jungle. When you arrive at the river, you can jump in and cool off by swimming with elephants!

Lunch is served at Chai Lai Orchid cafe when you will enjoy a fresh Thai lunch that is cooked to order (not a buffet)

 Travel Better: 100% of the proceeds from this tour benefit rescued elephants and ensure they can continue to live the rest of their lives in a sanctuary free from fear and abuse.


This tour also includes visiting a beautiful Kayan Hill Tribe village where guests will have the opportunity to explore the traditional Kayan way of life. See traditional bamboo houses, and learn from your local Karen guide how indigenous people raise animals, plant crops, and enjoy their rural lifestyle. There are local artisans in each village, so this can also be a place to grab a one-of-a-kind souvenir from a local craftswoman.

This tour offers a delicious alfresco lunch at Chai Lai Orchid cafe. Enjoy a traditional vegetarian meal and fresh seasonal fruits as you look out from the mountaintop cafe. Please let us know beforehand if you have any dietary restrictions so we can accommodate you. 

 Arrive at an authentic elephant jungle sanctuary! Feed all the elephants in the herd, swim and play in the river, learn how to make elephant medicine and enrichment activities for the elephants and meet a baby elephant. You will plenty of time for photos, and learning how to communicate with them.  Walk with your elephant through the jungle to forage and then cool off together by bathing them in the river!

We offer only ethical elephant tours. The elephants we love and support are trained each day through positive reinforcement, helping them learn to respond to voice commands. Managing them responsibly helps us ensure these elephants can safely receive veterinary care because they trust the humans around them

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