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Guest Registration

 This information is required under Thai immigration law and for insurance purposes. Please fill out 1 form per guest and show the staff at reception.

Welcome to Chai Lai

Thank you for being here and supporting our project! Our founders Alexa Pham and Johanna Herr, started with the dream of an empowerment program for indigenous and refugee women. To provide opportunities to strong, wise, resilient women who happen to be from some of the most oppressed populations. They didn’t have any funding, so they rented an abandoned lodge and created started Chai Lai Orchid. Chai Lai Orchid is a social business and the profits fund DaughtersRising.Org

Chai Lai Orchid provides a safe place where at-risk women get paid to learn about job training skills, English/ Thai language, women’s health, and human rights to be less vulnerable to traffickers. Empowered women and girls can provide a brighter future for their villages.

Our hospitality job training program is an essential part of what we do here. Most of the staff you will meet in The Chai Lai Orchid are trainees. Before entering our program, some trainees may not have had the opportunity to attend school, stay at a hotel, eat in a restaurant, and have electricity. Hence, they learn many things about hospitality for the first time. They are all learning English, so they may take a little longer to understand you, but please persevere! They really want to practice and improve.

Enjoy your stay in nature!  -Chai Lai Orchid Family

Hotel Info


Check-in time is 14:00 Check out time is 11:00

MONK ALMS (time is Approximate)7:00


7:30 am-10:00 am at the cafe


Chai Lai Guests are welcome to enjoy both our beautiful locations and dining experiences. Rustic home cooking at Chai Lai Orchid Mountian view or riverside Thai style BBQ. 

Mountian view cafe menu

Riverside cafe menu


16:00-17:00 Hang out with elephants at sunset! Buy 1 get 1 free


Elephant Room service is 1500 THB order food or drinks in your room and the Elephant will bring it to you with a basket of bananas to feed the elephants. You can also request this service with your complimentary breakfast. 
Elephant Room service is included for free with all of the rooms booked directly through ChaiLaiOrchid.com!


Wifi is free in our cafes. Otherwise enjoys your time unplugged! 

Mountain View cafe: COCONUTPARTY

Mountain View reception: COCONUTPARTY1

 Riverside: 50274450


1 Hour Thai Massage- 500 THB

1 Hour Aromatic Oil Massage- 800 THB

1 Hour Thai Herbal Stream Compress Massage 900 THB


(Please order 1 hour in advance)

Songtow Taxi for 1 day 2000 THB

Taxi Transfer to Chiang Mai 900 THB


Guests can pay with cash or bank transfer

Credit cards or Paypal +3% CC +3% Vat


Call 1155

Hotel Rules

  • Wash your hands before you touch the elephants or their food. Mosquito spray or sunblock is toxic to elephants!
  • Do not feed animals from your table in the cafe
  • No outside food or drink, please support local
  • Respect all animals who live here, we are visitors in their home 


No. Asian elephants have been living in captivity for hundreds of years and they no longer have enough habitat left to return to. In what little national park is left for elephants, wild elephant herds are in constant danger of trafficking and ivory poaching. The elephant situation in Thailand is no longer one of conservation (preserving their wild habitat), but one of trying to create the best captive situation possible for them given present circumstances.  We are thankful that income from tourism can provide income to care for these elephants.

Yes! But please exercise common sense, safety, and caution. Please wash your hands well before touching elephants or their food! Toxic chemicals from bug spray or sunblock and be dangerous to elephants.

A mahout is not like a 9-5 job because elephants require constant supervision 365 days of the year. Many mahouts will tell you an elephant is a member of their family, not a job or a pet. Mahouts will usually spend their life with the elephant they have bonded with.

A mahout is an elephant caretaker and often the only person an elephant will listen to. Being specially trained in working with elephants, caring for their health, and communicating with them. Elephants have worked with the indigenous Pga k’ nyau people in Thailand and Myanmar for thousands of years and it’s a part of their cultural heritage.  an elephant and her mahout

The term ‘sanctuary’ is often misused by captive elephant facilities in an effort to differentiate them from other places with alternative management styles. At present, no tourism-funded ASEAN elephant facility meets all the requirements that define a true sanctuary.  You can see wild elephants (if you are lucky) at Khao Yai National park in Central Thailand

No we don’t own the elephants but we do pay for their care. We want to conserve the wild elephant population. Buying elephants provides the lump sums to buy new elephants, who are trafficked from the jungle. We support local families to care for their own elephants as they have done for centuries.

Chai Lai Orchid is home to many stray cats, dogs and critters, they are simply a part of life in rural Thailand. We kindly ask that you please treat them with respect. Food and medical attention are provided for many of the street dogs, and we are always grateful for donations to continue this care. If you want to volunteer to wash a dog, they are usually in need of a bath! If you are interested in giving one of the dogs a home, let us know; we are happy to help with the adoption process.

• All charges are added to your room by room number. Be sure to let the staff know which room you will be charging to when placing an order.

• 7% VAT Thailand Hospitality Tax is added to all rooms, food and drink charges.

Please do not put tissue or toilet paper into the toilet! The pipes in Thailand are smaller than in western countries and the paper will cause the toilet to clog and break. Please use the Thai system: clean yourself with the water hose and use the paper to dry, then place the paper into the trash bin provided.

Drones are not permitted on the grounds, for they can spook the elephants easily and cause disruption. They can also be an invasion of privacy and tranquillity for other guests. However, cameras are more than welcome in order to capture your adventures!

Many midrange or high-end hotels in Thailand include a 20% service charge. The Chai Lai Orchid does not. Tipping in casual restaurants is greatly appreciated but not expected. If you do receive exceptional service, please feel free to tip your driver, server, massage therapist or elephant’s caretaker.

Daughters Rising x Chai Lai Orchid