When You Book an Experience with Us, You Support Human Rights and Help Rescue Elephants

12 Reasons Why Travelers Choose Chai Lai

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Help Elephants

Over the years, we have rescued more than 15 elephants from abusive practices. At the Chai Lai Orchid, we do not support the buying or selling of elephants so baby elephants get to stay with their mothers.

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no abuse

The elephants we love and support are trained each day through positive reinforcement, helping them learn to respond to voice commands. Managing them responsibly helps us ensure these elephants can safely receive veterinary care because they trust the humans around them.

Social Good

Because we are a social business we prioritize people over profit.  100% of our proceeds are donated to Daughters Rising, an anti-trafficking organization that helps at-risk women and girls.

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Gender Equality

We have made it a point to support women, which is why 90 percent of our leadership is female. We pride ourselves on providing job and learning opportunities for ethnic minority women and refugees, with the majority of staff from Karen communities, local and further afield.  We look upon our staff as family. They receive food, shelter AND we pay them fair wages.

Community-Based Tourism

We help uplift our community to protect the forest because we understand the important connection between indigenous land rights and conservation. Because we are a small grassroots organization, unlike a chain hotel, when you stay with us you can be sure that the money you spend here stays right here in the local community. We love Mae Wang!

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Justice Tourism

Our tours create economic opportunities for the local indigenous community and refugees, We are a small grassroots organization. Unlike a chain hotel, you can be sure that the money you spend here stays right here in the local community, not off to a corporate office in New York or Shanghai. We love Mae Wang.

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Eco Friendly

Our custom tours and facilities are mindfully designed to have the least negative impact on the environment. We buy produce from small local sellers as much as possible and we support local craftswomen directly.

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Chai Lai Orchid offers you the best experiential travel and tours at affordable prices.  We aim to keep our prices as low as we can. We want to share what we are passionate about with as many people as possible after all! But, we also believe that everyone we work with, from guides to housekeepers, as well as the elephants, deserves a fair wage, time off and fun experiences outside of working hours. Chai Lai Orchid also provides food, blankets and mosquito needs to those in need in our community.

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Location - Unspoilt tranquility at your fingertips

Deep within the mountains yet just one hour drive from old Chaing Mai, we offer two stunning locations for your stay: Chai Lai Orchid Riverside and Chai Lai Mountain View. 

Whether you prefer to relax with a sundowner on the edge of the forest beside a gently flowing river, or to wake up in the clouds and enjoy your breakfast overlooking a panoramic view of the mountains, you will find yourself immersed in the most beautiful natural environment. 

Private Custom Tours

Do you want to escape the crowds and have a private tour or one custom made just for your group? We are here for you, to create jungle magic and authentic experiences for the once-in-a-lifetime memories that you will always keep in your heart. Let us know what you long for, bespoke tours are our specialty.

Trust - Ethical Storytelling

We work alongside elephants; they are integral to our survival. But we never use the term ‘sanctuary’ to attract customers because there is no legal definition of a sanctuary in Thailand. We practise honest marketing and realistic business approaches because we believe that to truly help this magnificent species, people must be made aware of the reality of the situation. Only then can they justifiably advocate for elephants and their environment.

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Education is key

We know that education may be an every-day occurrence for most of our guests but for our staff it is an amazing opportunity to change their lives for the better. So we treat every moment of our days as a new opportunity to learn something new from each other and we include our guests into this concept. Whether it is a new phrase in your language or something from your country you can share with our Chai Lai Orchid family or it is something you learn from them about their culture and amazing food. There is never a day without something we can learn and share with each other. 

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